Two-variable Statistical Calculator
(Correlation and Regression)

Statistical investigations are often interested in changes in a variable over time, or relationships among several variables. This applet describes straight-line relationships between two variables using the methods of correlation & regression.

The applet is organized as five "tabbed" display screens. The Data Sets tab allows users to enter data directly into columns A and B. The Correlation & Regression tab provides a numerical summary of the data. Scatterplot graphically displays the data. Click the "Show least-squares line" checkbox to display the least-squares regression line and equation. To help assess the fit of the regression line select the Residuals plot tab.

Note: Some calculated values are reported using scientific notation. In such cases "e" stands for a power-of-ten exponent. For example, 1.0e3 = 1.0 x 103, 1e-3 = 1.0 x 10-3.

TITLE: Two-variable Statistical Calculator
FORMAT: Java applet
SOURCE: Moore, et al., The Basic Practice of Statistics, Fifth Edition, W. H. Freeman & Co.
© 2009 W. H. Freeman & Co. and Sumanas, Inc.